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Web Design by Faith, LLC was developed to help churches and businesses spread the word about their organization to the audience of the World Wide Web.

PORTFOLIO: Not only do we offer a diverse collection of state of the art, unique web templates, but we can also work with you to adapt one of these templates to customize it to better suit your needs.

PACKAGES: There are a variety of services that range from full website creation to the purchase of the actual template designs.

DESIGNS: We have an extensive and always growing collection of vibrant, professional looking web templates to choose from. We offer web templates in a wide variety of categories including business, general, personal, religious, and more. Take a look at our gallery.


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  6. 175 Million People.
  7. Establish More Customers.
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"Web Design By Faith provides a ton of beautiful templates. With the help of this company,one is guaranteed to get an impressive website that can be customized to fit the individual need. These designs are far more professional than basic websites. The prices are MOST affordable and Web Design By Faith is suited to fit any budget with a wealth of unique and complex design."



" Thank you so very much again, I am so proud of the web page. I was bragging about your work today! I received compliments from some of my friends, so again I say thank you."

Pastor Elijah Shafah, St. Paul AME